DLCX - over 30 years in the locomotive industry

"Do What You Say and Stand Behind It."

We provide quality locomotives that do the job - from 900 -1500 HP EMD switchers to GP9-SD18 units, as well as larger 40-2 and Dash 3 locomotives. We can offer references from Class 1 Railroad Executives & Short Line Officials, major Grain and Feed corporate officers, and respected business and locomotive repair facilities. We are happy to call these people friends, and are responsible to hold up the expectations that go with good business practices. Diesel Locomotive Co. has the quality reputation and the connections to keep locomotives moving cars at your location.  We send the best in the industry to service the best in the industry.

"Good Equipment Sells Itself."

Diesel Locomotive Co. and David Kramer have built an excellent reputation in the locomotive industry over the past 30+ years. Whether it's a sale from another RR fleet or a locomotive from our lease fleet bearing the DLCX letters, we are known to stand behind the equipment we offer. Diesel Locomotive Co. can offer installation and safety training for the systems that best suit your needs.  Let us show you how safe and efficient remote operation can be in most facilities. We would be happy to travel to your site for a demonstration and safety instruction on railcar handling and safe locomotive operation. Full maintenance and maintenance information, appraisal/inspection services and parts service are available. OnBoard Technology includes Engine Pre-heaters, Remote Control systems, and GPS equipment monitoring. It's the 21st Century, get OnBoard with Diesel Locomotive Company.

"Surround Yourself with Quality People."

The "quotes" used here are lessons learned by David A. Kramer from his father Albert P. "Al" Kramer (1916-2001). Al Kramer (pictured here on the right) was a respected businessman and longtime ALCO expert who did business and lived life by the principles shared here. He saw the steam to diesel conversion in locomotives, and during WWII put the first diesel locomotives into service in Persia (Iran) and the Middle East. He was recruited by General "Ike" Eisenhower to come back to the States to oversee the U.S. Army locomotive fleet repair during the war. After a lifetime in the locomotive industry, Al retired with an excellent reputation. Diesel Locomotive Company strives to carry on his excellent reputation.

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